Aaron Rodgers puts the team on his back to overcome an 18-point deficit and beat the New York Jets 31-24. Rodgers went 25 of 42 for 346 yards and 3 TDs in the win.

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Manziel who?

Browns upset the Saints 26-24 under the direction of QB Brian Hoyer, who lead a game-winning drive that started at their own 4-yard line. This is the first home-open win for Cleveland since 2004.

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BREAKING: RGIII down and out in Washington DC. Griffin was carted off with an aircast on his leg.

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The predecessor against his heir

The last time the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos faced each other, the Broncos were rolling along with a 6-0 record, having scored at least 41 points in four of those games and 50 in two. But on Oct. 20, they couldn’t block Indianapolis’ Robert Mathis (two sacks and a forced fumble), quarterback Peyton Manning aggravated his ankle injuries, and the Broncos limped away from a 39-33 loss. 

But a lot has changed since then. Peyton Manning was humiliated on the biggest stage of his career, and it’s easy to assume the future-hall-of-famer will be hungry for redemption. Indianapolis is without Mathis, who is suspended four games for PED violation. 

Will Andrew Luck start the season—the one many have said to be the year he establishes himself amongst the elite of the elite—with a win for his Colts, or will Peyton Manning repeat his performance from last year’s record-breaking home opener?

Like for the Colts. Reblog for the Broncos.

I’ve been waiting all year for Sunday Night.

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Questions, opinions, thoughts after the first half of Week 1? INBOX ME. I’d love to discuss and share YOUR opinions and questions on the site.

What are your season predictions? How did your team look? Encouraged/discouraged? What about those wild finishes? New rookies that impressed? I want to hear it alllll.

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JUST IN: Cam Newton is OUT for the Panthers today. Derek Anderson to start.

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Rams QB Austin Davis replaces Shaun Hill in the second half for St. Louis.

Sources say it’s a sprained left calf for Hill.

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Jadeveon Clowney OUT for the game with a knee injury against Washington.

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(unless you’re a Patriots fan. Then may the odds be in favor of the team playing against you.)

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"I love watching athletes reach that next level of greatness.

Kevin Durant just won his first MVP award in the NBA. Clayton Kershaw is about to win both the Cy Young and MVP in the National League. Two premium athletes, in their mid-20s, climbing to the peaks of individual excellence.

The NFL equivalent is Indianapolis ColtsQB Andrew Luck, who’s about to turn 25 — and about to establish himself as one of football’s true luminaries.

One year ago, almost exactly to the date,I wrote a column on Andrew Luck as he geared up for his second year in the NFL. The premise was simple: When you stack up the young quarterbacks, by any standard or measuring stick, the answer is Andrew Luck.

Need a quarterback to build your team around? Crave the guy who can do the most with the least? Want the future of the game’s most important position?

The answer is Andrew Luck.

Now I know one of Luck’s contemporaries just won a Super Bowl. And Russell Wilson is one of my favorite quarterbacks in the NFL. He’s only going to get better as the Seattle Seahawks continue to provide him with more authority over the offense. But right now, you can’t compare Wilson, a 200-yards-a-game passer, to Luck. You can’t compare Wilson’s supporting cast, that immensely deep and talented roster in Seattle, to the flawed group that surrounds Luck in Indy. Andrew Luck makes everyone better.

Cam Newton is coming off the best season of his young career, having guided the Carolina Panthers to a division title and the franchise’s first playoff berth in five years. But he is not the quarterback Luck is. And sadly for Newton, Carolina hung him out to dry this season, leaving him with a shallow talent pool at receiver.

I love San Francisco 49ers signal-caller Colin Kaepernick and think he will improve on his performance last fall, when he was inconsistent as a passer. He’s too talented not to. But he’s still no Andrew Luck.

Andy Dalton is a good regular-season quarterback, but he only dreams of having a playoff win (and postseason performance) like the one Luck enjoyed last January.

Remember when Robert Griffin III beat out Luck for Offensive Rookie of the Year? That seems like a lifetime ago. (And for the record, I have a ballot in the AP awards and voted for Luck over RGIII.)

While Griffin struggled through a highly disappointing sophomore campaign, Luck went out and had another monster year. He punched adversity in the face. The Colts suffered a number of injuries last season, none bigger than Reggie Wayne’s torn ACL in October, which zapped Indy’s Super Bowl hopes. But Luck kept Indy afloat and engineered that unbelievable comeback over the Kansas City Chiefs in the wild card round.

So, yeah, that nice little conversation comparing Luck to the other young quarterbacks in the NFL? It’s basically irrelevant. Luck has graduated from that class. It’s time to play with the big boys. This guy is a 2014 season away from joining the likes of Aaron RodgersPeyton ManningTom Brady and Drew Brees. Yes, by the end of the year, you will lump Luck in with the elite of the elite.

Like those four established superstars, Luck has the ability to mesmerize any Sunday Funday viewer with his precision and intelligence. The Stanford graduate is a football genius. And he’s accumulated some crucial numbers to prove it.

Luck has accumulated 11 regular-season wins in each of his two NFL seasons, giving him 22 total. That’s the second-most in league history for a QB through his first two years. Yes, Wilson set the record with 24, but as mentioned above, Luck’s individual brilliance is superior. Need proof? How about his 8,196 passing yards? That’s the highest total in NFL history through two seasons. Oh, and Luck has piled up 11 game-winning drives in his professional tenure — another NFL record for the time frame.

Seeking more nuggets of domination? I’m glad you asked.

Luck played against six playoff teams during the 2013 regular season: San FranciscoSeattleSan DiegoDenverCincinnati and Kansas City. Luck threw 10 touchdown passes against one pick in these contests, allowing the Colts to go 4-2.

Luck sliced his interception total from Year 1 in half last fall, going from 18 to nine.

Luck is 15-2 in his career in games decided by seven points or fewer.

On Sunday night, Luck and the Colts start the season in Denver. I’m picking Denver to win the game because a) they’re at home and b) they have the better team. I’m picking Denver to win the AFCbecause they have the best roster in the conference. But Andrew Luck beat Peyton Manning last year. He will put the Colts on his back and single-handedly give them a chance to win against a better team, making the “Sunday Night Football” opener a four-quarter affair.

That’s who he is. That’s what he does.

And even if the Colts do indeed lose on Sunday, don’t be surprised if they go on to post the best record in the AFC. Check out Indy’s schedule. It’s highly manageable — especially with a quarterback of this ilk.

Rodgers always masks areas of weakness in Green Bay, just like Peyton did in Denver last year. And that is the skill that makes Brady an all-time great. Soon we’ll be talking about another quarterback in the same vein. But why wait until the end of the season to salute the inevitable?

Welcome to the club, Andrew Luck.”

By’s Adam Schein

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Be protected from Mayhem.

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Peyton Manning speaks privately about his friend and teammate Wes Welker | First-and-Orange — The Denver Post


“As a team we support him. We stick with him. It’s not easy to stand in front of the team like that. You find out during a time like this who your friends are, who sticks with you. Me and Wes and Jacob (Tamme) and Britton Colquitt do a little Bible study together and we’re praying for him. A lot of guys are thinking about him. It’s not an easy time but I think he’ll come back stronger and better.”

Can he be more perfect?

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BREAKING: Rams QB Sam Bradford to miss 2014 season after MRI shows torn ACL in left knee.

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The one and only time Peyton doesn’t mind being sacked. ❤️

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Haven’t been on here in a while, especially now with World Cup, but here’s to getting back into NFL season:

Tim Howard’s message to the Browns.

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